Our Philosophy

Real-Time, Dependable Data

The AirLogics Perimeter Air Monitoring System is the result of a recognized need to provide our clients with real time, dependable data for both safety and regulatory concerns. AirLogics has designed and built an automated real-time perimeter air monitoring system that can be used in a wide variety of ambient air quality monitoring applications. The innovative system was designed to monitor and document potentially adverse ambient air quality impacts on surrounding communities, and to demonstrate that on-site emissions are not causing an increased public health risk to nearby residents.

Centralized Data

The perimeter air monitoring system consists of a network of monitoring stations which are linked together via radio communication to a central computer system which collects, processes, and displays information from each monitoring station. Each monitoring station contains analytical, climatic, and communications instrumentation including; a gas chromatograph to measure volatile organic compounds, a respirable particulate meter to measure contaminated dust levels, shelter heaters and air conditioners, and a radio-based data acquisition system.

Easily Configurable

The system was originally developed for use in the clean-up of former manufactured gas plant (MGP) sites. However, the technology may be applied to any site where off-site migration of airborne vapors or particulates are a concern. The air monitoring system can also be configured to accept a wide range of air monitoring sensors.