About Us

"Providing quality perimeter air quality monitoring services to clients engaged in remediation and site development activities."

AirLogics, LLC, was formed to provide perimeter air quality monitoring services to clients engaged in remediation and site development activities. The AirLogics project team has developed, and is currently operating an innovative, patented real-time perimeter air quality monitoring system at numerous active sites. The system was originally developed for use in the clean up of former manufactured gas plant (MGP) sites. However, the technology has a direct application on any site where off-site migration of airborne vapors or particulates is a concern. The AirLogics system has been in operation at numerous sites since July 1998, and is recognized as the “standard of care” by many in the MGP remediation industry and regulatory community.  AirLogics, LLC has been providing air monitoring services for the past ten years in various states including; Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, South Carolina and Wisconsin. The patented air monitoring system employs “off the shelf” commercially available components configured specifically to provide real time air monitoring data for remediation sites. The use of the system provides greater control over day-to-day site activities, while creating a long-term archive of emissions data.

Our Mission

We feel that proactively managing potential emissions using real-time data as opposed to passively measuring and documenting them better serves the owner’s liability, risk management, and public relations needs. Real-time data gives the site managers the tools to respond quickly to community concerns or regulatory inquiries. Managing the emissions via collection and recording of real-time data creates a record of how “upset” conditions were mitigated in a timely manner. The traditional method of collecting samples may only serve to document unfavorable conditions that could have been addressed otherwise.